SENTRY® Calming Ointment for Dogs

  • Scientifically proven to quickly calm and alleviate a dog’s anxious behavior
  • Fast-acting calming ointment releases pheromones to help anxious dogs in stressful situations
  • Proven to quickly help calm an anxious dog’s fear or excitement
  • Effective at calming your dog when used as directed



Apply a thin layer of SENTRY Behavior and Calming Ointment, covering the top of the dog’s nose. May be used in conjunction with collars, sprays, or diffusers.

Q: How does this product work?

A: SENTRY Behavior and Calming Ointment quickly helps calm anxious dogs in stressful situations while promoting good behavior. This fast-acting pheromone ointment helps alleviate anxious behavior and is an effective short-term solution for environmentally induced fear or excitement in dogs. It is applied directly on the top of the dog’s nose for optimal health.

Q: Is there a limit on how long you can use this?

A: No, it can be used as needed. You can re-apply based how the dog is reacting.

Q: Is there a certain breed or age of dog this can be used on?

A: Product may be used on all breeds of dogs and all ages. All dogs can get stressed as there are environmental situations that scare every dog. 

Q: What does “environmental” situations or “environmentally induced” mean?

A: This includes loud noises, fireworks, storms or other things in the environment that may scare a dog.

Q: How soon should I apply the ointment before the stressful event?

A: Product may be applied prior to the event or during the event.

Q: How often can I use the ointment? Several times a day?

A: Product may be applied as needed to the animal.

Q: How much of the ointment do I use? Is there a certain measurement per pound of dog?

A: The directions indicate to “apply a thin coat of ointment, sufficient to cover most of the dog’s nose. Entire nose doesn’t need to be covered. Re-apply as needed.”

Q: How do I put the ointment on?

A: Squeeze a small amount of the ointment onto your finger, and then apply it to your dog’s nose covering most of the nose. The instructions indicate to “apply a thin coat of ointment, sufficient to cover most of the dog’s nose. Entire nose doesn’t need to be covered. Re-apply as needed. Following good hygiene practice, wash hands with soap and water after handling.”

Q: Do I need to wear gloves when I apply the product?

A: No, it is not necessary.

Q: Do I need to separate my pets after the product is applied?

A: No, it is not necessary.

Q: How fast will it work?

A: Within minutes. Dogs have a special smell organ called the vomeronasal organ (Jacobson’s organ) at the roof of the mouth. By applying ointment near the organ, a dog can easily smell the pheromone. When it is warmed by the heat of skin near the nose, the ointment has a localized effect and stays on the nose.

Q: How long will it last?

A: The effect will vary by dog. You can determine the specific length of effect by observing your dog after application.

Q: Why is the word “anxious” used?

A: Clinical studies were conducted on anxious dogs, so the product name includes the adjective “anxious.” The term is used to denote an intermittent event for the dog which may be linked to a specific environmental trigger – e.g. loud noise, fireworks, etc. 

Q: Will this product stain?

A: The product does not contain dyes or colors, but the oils in the product may potentially cause discoloration to certain fabrics. 

Q: How do I remove the product if it got on my couch/chair/etc.?

A: Please check with the manufacturer’s instructions first before trying anything. We would recommend using a small amount of dish soap and warm water, if that’s agreeable with the furniture manufacturer’s instructions. It’s always advisable to spot-test in an out-of-sight area prior to use. 

Q: Why is there no fragrance when the rest of the pheromone line includes lavender chamomile fragrance?

A: A fragrance placed directly on the nose of the dog can overpower the sense of smell, which defeats the purpose of this product. No fragrance allows the pheromone to provide the full effect. Because a dog’s sense of smell is far superior to that of a human, having a fragrance in the product and placed on the nose would be overpowering for the animal.

Q: Does the ointment have a flavor?

A: No, the product does not contain a flavor and is not intended to be eaten.

Q: Is it okay for my dog to lick it?

A: Dogs may lick the product during the normal course of licking their noses.

Q: My dog licked it off immediately after applying, can I apply more? If so, how much?

A: Product indicates to apply as needed. However, you may want to observe the animal and determine if re-application is needed. 

Q: Can I give this to my cat?

A: No, the product is labeled for use on dogs only. 

Q: Can I use this product with your other calming products?

A: Yes, you may use more than one calming product at a time. 

Q: Can I use this product with other products, like flea & ticks squeeze-ons or powders?

A: Yes, this product is not known to interact with flea & ticks squeeze-ons or powders. 

Q: Is this product waterproof?

A: No, this product is not waterproof. 

Q: This product did not work – this product had no effect on my dog (ineffective). Why is that?

A: Pheromone products can take time to work and results may not be immediate. Consider using multiple pheromone products and behavioral modification techniques. 

Q: I left this product in my car when it was very hot/cold. Is it still okay to use?

A: Yes. Allow the product to come to room temperature before using it on your dog.