SENTRY® Calming Toy for Dogs

  • Soft and comforting toy helps calm puppies and dogs when combined with the calming drops
  • Calming drops included with every toy package
  • Calming drops release a pheromone dogs associate with their mother, producing a reassuring effect
  • Effective at calming your dog when used as directed. Use the calming drops on the toy only and not on your dog.



Squeeze the tube of SENTRY Calming Drops onto the surface of the toy. Let it dry. The SENTRY Calming Drops produce a calming effect for your dog when in close contact with the toy.


Q: How does this product work?

A: The Cuddlin’ Companion Toys are intended to be used in conjunction with Calming Drops. SENTRY Behavior Calming drops include a pheromone that helps calm a dog in stressful situations. The calming drops contain a pheromone that dogs associate with the reassuring feeling they had as a puppy when around their mother. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life. This takes advantage of the natural process of association and nurtures a calming effect.

Q: Is there a certain breed or age of dog this can be used on?

A: No, it can be used on all breeds of dogs and all ages.

Q: How often can I use the drops?

A: We recommend using the drops no more than once every 7 days. However, the effects may last longer for each pet and may not need to be reapplied this often.

Q: How many drops do I apply?

A: You should use the entire tube.

Q: How do I dispense the drops?

A: Squeeze SENTRY Behavior Calming Drops onto the surface of the toy. Let it dry. Once it’s dry, you can give the toy to your pet.

Q: Will the drops make my pet sick if ingested?

A: It may leave a bitter taste in your pet’s mouth and cause drooling. If this occurs, you can give your pet a flavorful treat or water to help with the taste.

Q: Can my child play with this toy?

A: No, this is not a child’s toy. However, we would recommend washing your child’s hand after handling any pet’s toy.

Q: Can I give this to my cat?

A: This product can be used around cats. However, it may be too big for cats to play with.

Q: Can I use this product with your other calming products?

A: Yes, you can. 

Q: How many pheromones does this product contain?

A: This product (toy itself) does not contain any pheromones, it is the pheromone drops used which contain the pheromones.  The drops contain 0.005% pheromones.

Q: Can I buy replacement pheromone drops?

A: Yes, please check with your local pet specialty retailer and ask for SENTRY Good Behavior Calming Drops (73091-03913).  That carton contains 6 applicators.

Q: Where is the pheromone product made?

A: In the United States.

Q: Can I wash the toy?

A: Yes, you can wash it. We suggest either washing it on the gentle cycle or washing it by hand and rinsing well.